If you browse reddit you might have found some of the pot related sub-reddits. If you haven’t been to any of reddit’s weed subreddits then you’re missing out. I’m going to help you find all those stoner subreddits you’ve been looking for and tell you about some of the biggest and best marijuana subreddits on reddit.


Subscribers: 735,000 Ents

This is the biggest pot related subreddit on reddit. With a little over 735,000 Ents (subscribers) /r/trees has all kinds of new posts every day. They post about different pieces they have, smoke spots, cool joints and anything else that you can do while high.


Subscribers: 786,000 sentient giraffes

/r/whoadude was created as a subreddit for stoners to go to while high and be entertained. In /r/whoadude you can post:

  • Pictures
  • Wallpapers
  • Gifs
  • Audio
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Music videos
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Interactive pages
  • Text
  • Mobile apps

These leaves you with a ton of fun stuff you look at and watch. You with definitely be saying, “Whoa dude!” after looking at a couple of posts.


Subscribers: 8,198 readers

/r/weed is just a general marijuana related subreddit. You can post just about anything relating to weed. If it doesn’t fit in any other weed related subreddits you can just post it in here.


Subscribers: 9,378 readers

/r/bakedart is a subreddit where you can find art that was made while the artist was high. This subreddit has all types of art and different mediums. This is a great place to get inspired or to just look at some really cool stuff.

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Subscribers: 16,891 readers

/r/highdeas is kind of like /r/showerthoughts but it only has ideas from people that are baked. You can find all kinds of cool, new things to talk and think about when you’re browsing this subreddit. This is one of the more interesting subreddits to browse while high.


Subscribers: 11,436 readers

/r/treedibles is a subreddit dedicated to showing you how to make edibles and a place to ask questions about anything and everything related to edibles. New recipes are posted all the time and people are always asking questions about new ways to make your favorite edibles. This is perfect for those of you that enjoy eating the green.