If you like edibles, cannabis butter is the number-one ingredient you’ll need to make them at home. If you want to make cannabutter, we have the perfect recipe for you. This is our quick & easy canna-butter recipe. Check it out!

While some large-scale edible companies use alternative methods of medication, cannabis butter is the quickest and easiest way to add cannabis to your existing recipes. Simply substitute cannabutter for any recipe that calls for butter (and if you’ve ever cooked, you know butter is EVERYWHERE) and create a next level meal!

This is our first recipe from our brand-new cannabis-themed cooking channel: Ganja Meals! Ganja Meals is here to be your online resource for short, simple, and delicious cooking videos for the cannabis connoisseur. Check out the written recipe below, and don’t forget to follow Ganja Meals on Facebook and Instagram for the latest and tastiest recipes.

The Recipe


– 1 Stick of Unsalted Butter
– 1 Gram or more of Finely Ground Cannabis
– Small to Medium-Sized Pot
– Coffee filter
– Small bowl or container to store canna-butter


1. Place pot on medium-low heat.
2. Add butter, melt completely.
3. Bring to a slow simmer
4. Add the finely ground cannabis
5. Let simmer, stir occasionally for roughly 10 – 15 minutes
6. Turn off heat, let cool for 10 minutes
7. Filter the canna-butter through the coffee filter into bowl or similar storage solution.
8. Use immediately, or throw in fridge to solidify and use later.

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