Super Silver Haze is a blessing for medicinal pot users as it offers tremendous relief from a myriad of ailments. In addition to its wonderful benefits, this strain scores high in looks, taste and aroma.


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Genetics and History

Super Silver Haze was bred by Green House Seeds. It is a genetic cross between Northern Lights, Skunk #1 and Haze, creating a sativa-indica blend that produces a strong, long-lasting high. The strain makeup is: 50% Haze, 25% Northern Lights and 25% Skunk #1. A sativa-dominant strain, Super Silver Haze has a 80:20 sativa-indica ratio, and is considered one of the most potent sativa strains out there. It’s parent strains Northern Lights is an indica strain, Haze is sativa and Skunk #1 is a hybrid of the two. The genetic prowess of its parent strains create a perfect balance, so that Super Silver Haze is energizing and uplifting, yet thanks to the indica influences, it is not overpowering or causes anxiety or paranoia. The strain has a decent amount of THC, ranging from 18-23%, and unlike what you would expect with a name like “haze’’, you will not feel confused or dazed. Instead you will have focus, have clarity and energy.

From the time of its development in the 1990s, this strain remains a top favorite among marijuana users all over the world. It is a strain that can help you start your day just right or help you get it back on track. To find out more about Super Silver Haze’s gentic background, you can follow the thread in this forum – they go as far back as the Haze Brothers days to when Shantibaba and Neville Shoenmaker first created this and the Mango Haze strains.

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Super Silver Haze was awarded 1st place at the High Times Cup three years in a row- in 1997, 1998 and 1999! It has also won at the High Time Harvest Festival. A true champion among weed strains, Super Silver Haze continues to remain the go-to marijuana strain in the 21st century.

Appearance, Taste & Smell

Super Silver Haze has citrusy, herbal, woody, earthy flavors, with hints of spiciness and sourness detected from time to time (the strain does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste like some do). Its aroma is skunky and diesel-like, with traces of pine and menthol. Some varieties of the strain have more Haze influences, and are sweeter and more flowery in aroma.

The plant has a coating of cool tones that become more vibrant at its tips. The leaves are light green with accents of purple and pink. Its pistils are short and light orange in color. The strain most likely got its name because of its bud- it looks like it has been dipped in fresh snow, with its beautiful silver trichomes.

Positive Effects

Super Silver Haze’s has a blend of healing, sedating and stimulating effects. SS Haze creates a long lasting body high that does not affect the sharpness of your mind. You will instead feel focused, as well as reflective and creative. The last half of the high from this train is much more mellow, and it is here the indica effects come out, inducing feelings of calm and relaxation.

High stressed people will experience some of the biggest benefits, as the strain helps them to keep calm while not negatively affecting their energy levels. Additionally, the strain will help to induce feelings of friendliness and openness which can positively affect the relationships you have both at work and in the home.

Negative Effects

Like with most strains, users have to look out for dry eyes and cotton mouth, two of the most common side effects from smoking weed.Luckily both conditions are easy to manage with a little preparation. Make sure you have hydrating liquids to drink during your smoking sessions, as well as an eye drop to reduce any unpleasantness in the eyes.

Medicinals Benefits

Like all ganja strains, SS Haze has a host of therapeutic and medicinal benefits that users continue to reap. In addition to its help in reducing stress as was earlier discussed, the strain also offers relief from the following conditions:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramps
  • Depression – one of the conditions that see almost instantaneous results thanks to the uplifting and invigorating effects of this marijuana strain. SS Haze creates feelings of happiness and contentment, both states that persons with depression struggle to reach.
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Migraines

For conditions that are more physical than mental or emotional, consuming higher does of the strain can result in even better relief. Smoking or vaping does not have to be the only method of enjoying this strain either. Its sticky trichomes mean it is highly resinous, making it a good strain to make concentrates from, to create hash, teas, gummies and other sorts of candies.

Growing the Strain

Like most sativa strains, SS Haze is a tall strain that requires adequate space in height for it to grow to its full potential. Otherwise, the plant can become stunted. Because of this, the strain may seem more suitable for outdoor cultivation, but if you do have a large indoor space, that can work just as well. Of medium difficulty, SS Haze has actually been shown to grow best indoors using a hydroponic method. This is because, if cultivated outdoors, it has to be hot and sunny, which is not the case in colder climates.

It is a strong strain, with resistance to pests, bugs, molds, mildews and other diseases. Its high resistance alone makes the strain a more manageable strain to cultivate- as well as less expensive. The plant has a flowering period of 9-11 weeks, sometimes lasting as long as 12 weeks! Reaping the plant as late as possible has many benefits, including the fact that the trichomes will increase in resin. The plant can be harvested around mid to late October. Grown indoors, you can expect to reap about 19 ounces per square meter of this ganja strain. Grown outdoors, the yield comes in at 15 ounces per plant.


SS Haze strain price starts at $8 per gram. Cannabis seeds are also on sale.

See the guide below for quick info on the strain:

Positive Effects Uplifted, motivated, calm, focused
Flavors Diesel, citrusy, spicey, earthy
May Relieve Depression, aches and pain,nausea, lack of appetite
Aromas, Fragrance Sweet, herbal, citrus, sour,
THC Content % 23%
Yield 18 ounces indoors and 15 outdoors
Genetic 80%Sativa 20%indica
Flowering time 9 to 11 weeks
Harvest Mid-late October
CBD 0.16%
Plant Height Tall
Type Auto-flowering
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