Genetics & History

With parent strains that include the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Sunset Sherbet (or Sunset Sherbert) is an indica dominant cannabis hybrid. Its other parent strain is Pink Panties, an indica strain whose genetic prowess it inherited. Pink Panties parent strains includes one of the most popular weed strains to this day, OG Kush. Sunset Sherbet has a sativa value of 15% and an indica value of 85%. Its THC content edges towards the lower end of the spectrum, coming in at about 15-19%. The seeming influx of Cookie type strains on the cannabis market make it hard to find quality Cookie strains these days, but Sunset Sherbet, without a doubt remains one of the most highly sort after strains. The high demand of this strain can be attributed to its aroma, taste and of course its good looks.


Though possessing more indica components than sativa, the over all effects of Sunset Sherbet are quite balanced between what is typical of indica strains and that of sativa strains. The strain induces full body relaxation which is only changed by a surge of energy. This strain will relieve you of all stress, body tension and lift your low energy/vibe, making you feel happy and care-free. One of the good things about Sunset Sherbet’s mellow THC content is that it means users won’t feel overpowered or overwhelmed by the high. This makes it a good strain for first time or amateur users. Still, the high you get from this weed strain will last for hours, adding to its appeal. You won’t “crash” if you were not already exhausted or if you don’t use more than you can handle. Sunset Sherbet is a great strain to start the day with or to use for unwinding after an intense work-out.

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Appearance, Smell & Taste

Sunset Sherbet’s appearance are typical of indica strains in that they are of medium height and have a compact cola. The plant has minty-green nugs which are coated in long, fire-orange hairs. The rich violet hues that usually compliment its orange pistils and otherwise light green calyxes, make Sunset Sherbet look like a rainbow sherbet or like a sunset on a summer evening. Highly resinuous, its buds are sticky and full of glossy trichomes. The trichome coating for Sunset Sherbet is so potent that it actually glows under light. It has leaves with an assortment of colors, including green, yellow and brown.

Just a whiff of this strain in a jar is enough to give you a full understanding of the delectable taste profile of Sunset Sherbet weed strain. It has a rich aroma which is constituted of a sweet berry smell with notes of citrus and candy, similar to GSC’s fragrance. Its smell and taste will remind you of a fruity smoothie or bubblegum. The sweet taste you get from inhaling this strain will intensify when you exhale. You may also detect a tart, skunky like taste and aroma. The latter may only be a whiff you get every now and then as you continue to inhale and exhale. There is no bitter aftertaste after smoking this marijuana strain. Instead, there is usually a pleasant, faint minty one.

Medical Benefits

As the world continues to appreciate the medical benefits of marijuana, more and more people are turning to it to help them treat a variety of illnesses. Sunset Sherbet is known for being effective in treating conditions such as (but not limited to):

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Anorexia
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Growing Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is best grown by experienced cannabis growers. However,new marijuana growers can be successful at cultivating this strain as it has certain characteristics that make it a manageable strain. For example, it is resistant to mildews and molds which can range from being a nuisance to being completely detrimental to the health of the plant. Experienced growers will find Sunset Sherbet to be an easy plant to cultivate, which they can add to their arsenal of kick-ass marijuana strains, in the event it was not already a part of it.

If you do not live in a country that has a warm climate, then growing the plant indoors may be the best option for you since Sunset Sherbet like most marijuana plants, grows best in Mediterranean type climatic conditions. When cultivated indoors, it is important to control the humidity levels as even though the plant is quite resistant to molds, it is always best to grow the strain in optimum conditions. As such, using the soil method will be ideal for indoor cultivation as hydroponics may lead to higher humidity levels. Sunset Sherbet has a flowering period of about 8 weeks. Cultivated outdoors, the plant can be harvested by late September to early October. The yield for this weed strain is unfortunately not spectacular, coming in at low to average at around 11 ounces per outdoor plant. The low yield should not be too much of an issue, though, considering the overall quality of the strain and the relative ease with which it can be cultivated. Sunset Sherbet, then, is more of a “quality” not “quantity” type of marijuana strain.

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Use the following as a guide when purchasing marijuana strains. It has some useful info on Sunset Sherbet.

Positive Effects Happy, carefree, relaxed
Flavors Sweet, fruity, earthy, citrus, candy
May Relieve Depression, Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Anorexia
Aromas, Fragrance Sweet, fruity, earthy, berry
THC Content % 15-19%
CBD % Less than 1%
Yield 11 ounces
Genetic 85% indica and 15% sativa
Flowering time 8 weeks
Harvest Late September to early October
Plant Height Medium
Type Auto flowering

Buying Sunset Sherbet Strain

Sunset Sherbet’s weed price is $30 an eight from The Good Chemistry. The weed, along with Sunset Sherbet’s cannabis seeds, can be bought at other dispensaries such as Veritas and Kind Love as well. They are known to carry Sunset Sherbet pot with buds that are beautiful, compact yet light, and tasty!