History & Genetics

Strawberry Cough is a potent hybrid strain of sativa dominance, with a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20.

Its THC content is between 15% and 20%. Though it is of medium THC potency, its overall look and taste compliment it well. It was developed by former High Times editor, Kyle Kushman who did so almost by chance, by creating a hybrid between Haze, which is a veteran strain in and of itself, and Strawberry Fields.The story is that he was given a clone from another breeder which he called Strawberry Field because of its strong strawberry aroma. He later crossed it with a Haze plant.There is conflicting information on the actual genetics of the plant as there have been new phenotypes added to the market over the years. However one thing is for certain, it is a sativa dominant powerhouse with a whirlpool of flavour and potency to satisfy every pot lover’s needs, whether they use recreationally or for medicative reasons.

Appearance & Smell

Just as the name suggests, Strawberry Cough kush strain has a sweet, strawberry aroma mixed with a skunky scent.When combusted, the smoke gives off a herbal smell, which is similar to Haze, its parent strain. The berry taste of the strain tends to linger after being smoked. Strawberry Cough has small, potent buds that are compact (more typical of indica strains) and cloaked in crystal trichomes and red hairs, just like the strawberry plant.


It seemed the producers of this strain wanted users to know what they were getting from it up front, because like with its name suggesting a strawberry smell, the strain does have the tendency to make users cough. When inhaled, the strain has an expanding effect on the chest thanks to its thick smoke. Once recovered from the initial bout of coughs though, you will begin to enjoy the elevating body effects and head high from this weed strain.It produces a long lasting high, for as long as up to four hours. Strawberry Cough will have you up and about, ticking of items off your to-do list so you can bask in the satisfaction of productivity. You will feel sharp, motivated, and in control. Marijuana reviewers of this strain do not usually report experiencing dry mouth, which is a typical side effect of smoking pot. For those looking to watch their waistline, you will be happy to hear that this marijuana strain does not bring on the munchies. That means however, if weight gain is a benefit you are looking for in a strain, Strawberry Cough may not be your guy.  A drawback of smoking the plant, which is more likely to happen when large doses are consumed, is paranoia.

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Medicinal/therapeutic benefits

Like with all marijuana strains, Strawberry Cough has a lot of benefits. It offers relief to persons managing conditions like:

  • Social anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic back pain
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Depression
  • ADD & ADHD

One of the best characteristics of this cannabis strain is that even though it has wonderful medicinal benefits, persons can enjoy them without having to deal with fatigue or coach-lock as a side effect, which is the case for some strains.Strawberry Cough is perfect for morning/day time use by persons looking for a little extra energizer to kick start their day or simply to help them get through the day. Always remember that choosing the right strain for the right occasion and time of day is important. For a stressed stay at home mom with four kids, for example,  using this strain at night will not give her the calming, sedative effects she is looking for.

Growing Strawberry Cough

A beauty to look at, this cannabis strain has a flowering time of 9 weeks. By week four of planting,the first and most powerful growth spurt will occur. The plant is easy to grow and does not require excessive fertilization to be fruitful. The standard amount will be sufficient for the plant to grow to its full potential.Because of its sturdy buds and leaves, the plant does not require a lot of support either.

Additionally, Strawberry Cough is a hefty plant and has strong resistance to viruses, bacteria, molds, mechanical damage, mildew and mites. The plants are of medium height and so if you have enough space in your house, indoor cultivation is an option open to you. Because the plant grows best in warm climatic conditions, persons in colder areas can take advantage of indoor cultivation. The original strain is clone-only and so those looking to cultivate the original strain will need a cut from a mature plant.Otherwise you can order Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds at your online or local dispensary. You can expect to harvest this plant, which has an average yield, in late October. It has a yield of 14 ounces when grown indoors and about the same yield when grown outdoors.

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Note: Because of the pungent smell of this marijuana strain, care must be taken to protect your privacy when cultivation is done outdoors. Having proper air ventilation is vital if cultivation is done indoors, especially if you have a lot of non-smoking, anti-marijuana guests.

Popularity & Prizes

Strawberry Cough is an impressive cannabis strain that has won the Best Flower title in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. Kushman generated hype for the strain in the marijuana black market in New York City and eventually brought it elsewhere including California, where it is also widely popular. Strawberry Cough is even a “movie star”, having appeared in Children of Men when Clive Owen and Michael Caine smoked a joint of it.

Use the guide below as reference whenever you decide to purchase marijuana online or at your local dispensary. It contains some key info about Strawberry Cough.

Positive Effects Happy, uplifted, energetic, focused, sociable
Flavors Strawberry, berry, sweet
May Relieve Pain, migraine, anxiety, ADHD, chronic stress and depression
Aromas, Fragrance Sweet, strawberry
THC Content % Moderate
CBD %  
Yield Average
Genetic Sativa dominantt
Flowering time 9 weeks
Harvest Late October
Plant Height Medium
Type Autoflowering


This is truly a sweet treat for cannabis lovers! Strawberry Cough weed price starts at $240 per ounce.