Genetics and History

An indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights is one of the most popular strains among weed lovers. While the strain was first cultivated around Seattle, Washington, its fame grew out of the Netherlands by Sensi Seeds in the late 1980s. The strain has a THC rate of 16% to 21%, with a CBD rate of 0.1%. It has a sativa-indica ratio of 5%:95%. Its high indica and low sativa content already set the tone for the effects of this plant; that it is, it has more relaxing effects than the stimulating effects pure sativa and sativa dominant strains have come to be known for.  A proud descendant of Thai landrace and Afghani strains, Northern Lights can take credit for other popular strains like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk.

Appearance & Smell

Northern Lights has a pungent earthy, sweet taste with a mix of bitter, spicy and piney taste to it. Its fragrances are similar to its taste, having a sweet, spicy, citrusy, pine and skunky smell.  Its buds are a beauty with its crystal coating and hairs that from time to time have shades of purple and green in them.

Growing the Plant

Thankfully for weed growers, especially those new to the art, it is quite easy to grow this strain of cannabis. Its short height, resilience and yield make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor planting. While the plant does not demand much to flourish, using fertilizers like Flower Plant will help it to grow to its full potential.  An important requirement however, is that there needs to be plenty of light/sunlight for it to grow. The plant actually grows best in moderately warm climatic conditions like those found in California.

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A resilient strain, Northern Lights is highly resistant to molds and diseases. It has an average plant height of 1-2 meters and is an auto-flowering plant. It has a fast flowering time and boasts some of the most resinous buds on a marijuana plant. Different phenotypes of the plant will, of course, have some variation in flowering time but Sensi Seeds has said that the plant has a 45-50 day indoor flowering time and can be harvested around mid-October. Having a medium yield, Northern Lights produces about 125 grams per square meter and 100 grams per plant if grown in a greenhouse. While the yield for this strain does not reach the levels of strains like White Rhino, its amazing therapeutic and medicinal benefits more than make up for this.

Effects & Benefits

Northern Lights kush produces deep relaxation that spreads throughout the body, allowing muscles to loosen and relax, while the mind clears of all worries to be replaced by a dream-like euphoria. The physical effects of the strain can lead to sleepiness, so if you have somewhere to be after smoking or vaping, you might want to take a rain check. Because of this, its recommended use time is in the evening when the day is done and you are looking to sleep. While it doesn’t have particularly stimulating effects, it does offer considerable mood enhancement and users will find themselves in a better mood than they were in before use. In addition to making users happy, Northern Lights increases creativity, sociability and focus. It is also conducive to reflective thinking and philosophizing. All of this makes the strain perfect for use when engaging in creative activities or activities that call for a large gathering. It will be especially useful for introverts as it will get them to talk more rather than wish they were anywhere else but with throngs of people.

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Other negative side effects of Northern Lights include: its tendency to make you hungry( so prepare for the munchies when you reach for this strain), dry eyes, cotton-mouth, dizziness and sometimes headache. Some persons may also experience anxiety or paranoia. This is usually dependent on the amount of weed consumed, and that is why it is so important for people to gauge how much you are consuming.

Medicinal Uses

This strain is ideal for:

  • Chronic pain- Persons have used this strain to treat pain related to conditions like Pompe Disease and fibromyalgia and have since reduced their daily reliance on opiates significantly.
  • Depression- The relatively high THC content and the therapeutic psychological effects of the strain bring much relief to persons battling depression.
  • Stress –It is the perfect antidote to a stressful day, offering the type of relaxation and unwinding other intoxicant just can’t match.
  • Insomnia –Those suffering from chronic insomnia can finally get some well-deserved rest after using this strain.
  • Anorexia-Anorexia can be life threatening. Northern Lights open up the appetite and encourages eating among anorexics.
  • Nausea-Cancer patients and other persons dealing with nausea will find relief in Northern Lights.
  • Anxiety- the relaxing effects of this cannabis strain make it ideal for treating anxiety disorders like General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and OCD.

Popularity and Prizes

Northern Lights is undeniably the most popular and in demand strain globally, or at least the most in demand indica strain. A top awardee, it has won the most prizes of all the strains on the market. While its  popularity reaches all corners of the earth, it is particularly a crowd favorite across the West Coast and Colorado in the US where it is widely available. Northern Lights’ weed price starts at $15 USD per gram and can be bought at Pot Shop and other cannabis dispensaries. Northern Lights cannabis seeds may also be purchased.

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Refer to the guide below for quick info on Northern Lights:

Positive Effects Relaxed, happy, creative, focus
Flavors Pine, earthy, spice, citrus
May Relieve Anorexia, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, stress,nausea
Aromas, Fragrance Sweet, earthy, pine
THC Content % Up to 21%
CBD % 0.01%
Yield 125 grams per square meter and 100 grams per plant if grown in a greenhouse
Genetic Indica 95%

Sativa 5%

Flowering time 45-50 days
Harvest Mid October
Plant Height 1-2 meters
Type Autoflowering

Northern Lights lives up to its hype. It is an indica strain that may not be the grandest in quantity, but it is definitely a star when it comes on to quality.