Without a grinder, weed nowadays can be super hard to break down – wet and sticky, you may find it clinging more to your fingers than the table should you try to break it down with your hands.

Here are four simple ways to grind weed without a grinder. If you want to get the most out of your herb, we recommend getting a 4 piece grinder so you don’t miss out on the kief!

Scissors and a Shot Glass

A surefire way to grind up weed without a grinder is to use a pair of scissors and a shot glass, two super common household items. Throw some bud into a shot glass and start snipping away! This technique takes less than a minute and clean up is quick and painless.

Coffee Grinders

grind weed

Tossing your cannabis into a coffee grinder is great for quickly grinding up larger amounts of weed, although rather indiscreetly. If you are looking to decarb your weed before you bake up a storm, this method is perfect. Expect a fine, dust-like consistency. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before and afterwards.

Hot tip: Keep that kief and use it in a dish! We recommend getting a 4-piece quality grinder to capture the most kief

Use your knife

grind weed
A knife works really well in a pinch, and you’ll be one step closer to Top Chef status! Note that non-serrated knives will make chopping much easier. No pun intended. Get hold of a decent kitchen knife, sharpen it up for efficiency and pull out a large clean chopping board. Chop it the way you’d chop a bunch of herbs.

Pill Bottle and Coin

grind weed

This method works surprisingly well. If you have an empty pill bottle and a coin, throw your bud and a (clean) coin into the bottle and shake! It may take longer than using a grinder, but it barely costs you a cent!

PRO TIP: The methods above are NOT efficient. We recommend getting a 4-piece quality grinder to capture the most kief.