Genetics & Background

Fire OG is the most potent OG strain on the market. Though there is some uncertainty surrounding the background of this strain, it is believed to have been first bred during the 1990s in the San Fernando Valley of California. Its parent strains are San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3 and OG Kush. The strain certainly embodies its California roots, with its fiery look and laid back, sedative effects, much like a California beach would have on a person. It has a high THC content of 20% to 25% and a CBD content of 0.36%. An indica dominant strain, it has a indica value of 70% and a sativa value of 30%. Its overall effects are as expected, which are in line with typical indica strains; i.e. they are more sedative than energizing. While this is so, the existence of its sativa component, will bring out some amount of energizing stimulation to the user.

Appearance & taste

Fire OG kush has an aroma that is similar to the cannabis strain Lemon Pledge. The lemon aroma is accompanied by an earthy, woody smell. A piney or spicey undertone is sometimes detected as well. The buds of this cannabis plant are covered in glistening trichomes and red/orange hairs, which makes the plant appear to be-as it is called- on fire. Its high resin content is perfect for making extracts.


Fire OG pot produces an almost instantaneous high that will leave you uplifted and with a new sense of determination and creativity. The energizing effects of the strain will bring on a feeling of euphoria. The high from Fire OG can last as long as 3 hours, making it a favourite among recreational marijuana smokers. On the flip side of these great effects, however, are the fatigue/coach lock and incredible hunger that will ensue after a smoking or vaping session. But these negative effects can be dealt with easily by being properly prepared.The high potency of the strain should be a warning to amateur smokers as the strain packs a punch and could result in paranoia or other unpleasant effects like dizziness. It is best to start with a small dose and gauge your reaction. You can increase your dosage if you feel you can tolerate a “higher level” of high. If however you become paranoid, remember to take several deep breaths to calm yourself and remind yourself that the high won’t last forever and you will be okay.

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Fire OG is best reserved for evening use, when you have completed all your responsibilities and can allow yourself to fall into the deep body relaxation that you will experience. Bed use is ideal for persons suffering from insomnia and looking for a much needed night of restful sleep. For those who struggle with nightmares, this strain will give you some reprieve as you will have a peaceful sleep, perhaps for the first time in months or years.

For those who are not fans of smoking there are many more methods in which you can enjoy Fire OG. For example, you may use the extract from the plant to make candies like marijuana infused gummy bears or to make hot beverages like marijuana infused coffee. The options for enjoying OG Kush are endless, and with a strain so powerful as this one, why not enjoy it in all the ways you can?

Growing the strain

Cultivation of Fire OG is best left to experienced marijuana growers. If you are desiring to grow an indica dominant strain, there are other strains out there that are much easier to grow. But if you do not mind a challenge, then you can certainly go ahead and do as much research as you can-in conjunction with this article-to learn the best ways to cultivate Fire OG. The marijuana strain requires a lot of patience to grow as it is quite a stubborn plant. However, the patience of weed growers will be rewarded as Fire OG produces a yield that is above average and incredibly potent.

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Fire OG can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. However, because the strain requires hot climatic conditions, persons living in colder regions are advised to cultivate the plant indoors as it is the only way the plant will really thrive. Having adequate lighting is an important element to tick off your checklist as proper lighting is paramount to the success of this marijuana strain. As the plant is of medium height,  if you plan to grow the plant indoors, you have to ensure that there is enough space available inside. Failing to have adequate space can stunt the growth of the plant.  Successful cultivation of this strain can be achieved using either soil or hydroponics methods. Fire OG plant usually flowers within 9-10 weeks. If you want to ensure that maximum resin production occurs, it is best to wait until the 10th week before removing the colas. If cultivated outdoors, you can expect to harvest this strain by early-mid October.Grown outdoor, you can expect a 15 ounce yield per plant while grown indoors you can expect a little lesser yield of about 14 ounces.

Medicinal & therapeutic benefits

The medicinal benefits of this strain are so renowned that even though Fire OG is a rather difficult strain to cultivate, Fire OG cannabis seeds are still in high demand. Fire OG should be considered when medical users are looking to treat conditions associated with (but not limited to):

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

Use the info table below as a guide to understanding Fire OG.

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Positive Effects Relaxed, uplifted, happy
Flavors Lemon, pine, earthy, woody
May Relieve Insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, pain
Aromas, Fragrance Citrus, lemon, woody
THC Content % Between 20% and 25%
CBD % 0.36%
Yield 14 ounces indoors/ 15ounces outdoors
Genetic 70% indica and 30% sativa
Flowering time 9-10 weeks
Harvest Early to mid-October
Plant Height Medium
Type Auto flowering

A legendary cannabis strain, Fire OG weed price starts at around $12 per gram.